Stack-A-Doodle Mashes Up Crayons And Lego Bricks

Neither crayons nor construction bricks are new to anyone over the age of 3.  But I don’t care if you’re 3 or 63 — these Stack-A-Doodle crayons that are also construction bricks are just plain fresh.

Made by those quirky design sorcerers over at Fred, it’s a set of crayons molded into Lego-like bricks.  That way, you can build a castle and draw a castle on the wall and eat crayons all at the same time.  Genius!

The Stack-A-Doodle isn’t an official Lego product, but it works exactly the same way.  And then some.  Since it’s as soft as regular crayons (and safe and durable, too, according to the product page), you can dull the sides to reshape them into curved edges, as well as rework them into whatever form strikes your fancy.     Not to mention, you can eat them.  Like real crayons.

Each box contains 13 differently-colored crayons slash building blocks, with designs ripped right out of Lego bricks.  Yep, just 13, so you’ll probably have to buy multiple sets to build that crayon castle you’ve been designing in your head. The blocks included only make up two styles (2 x 4s and 2 x 2s), so the forms you can build are limited.  Since these are crayons, though, all you need is a light-duty cutting tool like the Karate Choppper to quickly turn these into singles and doubles really fast.  Might make a good alternative for those Lego creations you have with a needed brick missing.

Amazon has the Stack-A-Doodle available now.  Price is $18.29 a box.