Stapless Stapler – Yes, Its A Stapler That Does Not Need Staples


The idea of a stapler that doesn’t use staples is so obvious that it’s hard to believe nobody thought of it before now. In fact, the idea was patented back in 1910 and it’s taken until now to perfect them and make them popular. The stapless stapler works by punching out a small strip of paper and then folding that strip back over and through the sheets, forming a buckle stitch. For a few sheets of paper, this works just as well as a regular stapler, with less mess. There are significant environmental and financial advantages to using a stapless stapler. By not having to purchase staples, you cut down on the amount of money and energy that needs to be spent manufacturing and shipping them. Also, paper is easier to recycle when you don’t have small pieces of metal embedded in it.

Staples are notorious for causing jams in copiers and shredders, which can cause mechanical problems down the line. Stapless staplers are also significantly safer than regular staplers. As anybody who has accidentally trodden on a stray staple can testify, they are sharp pieces of metal that can easily puncture the skin. Most stapless stapler designs keep the mechanism enclosed so that there’s no risk of getting your fingers in the way. This also limits the number of sheets of paper that you can try to staple at once, so there’s no risk of overloading the mechanism as there is with a regular stapler. All of these things make them suitable to purchase for children who may need to staple things for school work. The relative novelty also makes them a good choice as a gift for the gadget lover in your life.

Stapless staplers are pretty inexpensive, ranging from around $6 for a basic model to $9 for a novelty model shaped like a dog that would make a good gift for a child or dog lover. They are relatively small and light, so shipping shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you shop on the Internet. You can find them at office supply stores, or online at general retailers such as, or specialist retailers such as If you’re in the market for a small gift or stocking stuffer that is actually useful, then a stapless stapler is a nice choice.