Supercar Capsule Puts A Luxury Showroom For Your Beloved Rides At Home

If you’re rich enough to own a supercar, you’re rich enough to own a home with a proper garage. You live in the house, the car lives in the garage. That’s, pretty much, how it works. But why bother buying a supercar if you’re going to treat it like a regular car that’s slumming it in a dirty garage? The Supercar Capsule offers a more fitting alternative.

A collaborative project between ASZarchitetti and Superfuturedesign, it’s, basically, a custom luxury showroom for your exotic rides. Seriously, that’s not an exaggeration, as these “luxury showrooms” actually look so much nicer than many of the booths you will find at automotive trade shows, essentially creating a downright ostentatious display space in your home for your beloved ride.

Being a custom solution, the actual Supercar Capsule implementation varies from client to client. Their website, though, groups the kind of work they do into four different categories. First is called a “Villa Extension,” where they create a showroom space for your car that’s merged with your home layout. You know, like adding a raised pedestal right next to the living room where you can park that McLaren, allowing you to admire your million-dollar speed demon while binging Top Gear on Netflix. You can even opt to put that showroom space right next to your bedroom, so you can be greeted by your Ferrari every time you wake up in the morning.

They also make a solution called Box Refurbishment,” which takes your existing garage and remodels it into a showroom-worthy space. These could include new finishes to your walls and ceilings, new lighting installations, new floors, and other room additions that elevate the aesthetics in a way worthy of the six-figure ride it houses. All updates are confined in the garage, so no changes will need to be made in other parts of your home.

The Supercar Capsule can also be a “Detached Box,” which is an entirely new parking space with see-thru walls that are separate from the house. This is a standalone solution that can probably be prefabricated before delivery and installation in an unoccupied space in your property. Last is a solution they call the “Mechanized Tower”, which is, basically, a multi-level version of the Detached Box. We’re not entirely sure how the mechanical parts of this works, but we’re guessing some kind of ramp rolls out to let you drive the vehicle to the higher levels. They do promise a “new generation mechanism” for the “safe and practical movement of the cars,” for what it’s worth.

The outfit handles everything from early conception and detailed design to managing construction and putting the final touches. We’re not really sure if there’s any limit to what they’re willing to do, so if you’ve always wanted a custom Batcave for storing your Batmobile under your mansion, it might be worth making the inquiry. According to the outfit, they’ve done more than 400 installations across Europe, Asia, and (of course) the Middle East.

You can learn more about the Supercar Capsule here.

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