Tentacle Doorstop Puts Cthulhu’s Limbs Under Your Door

I always thought doorstops were stupid.  Like, who’d buy crap to hold the door when you can just sneak your Duddha Rug or a folded up newspaper in there any time you need it to keep open. And I held on to that belief until the day I was introduced to the Tentacle Doorstop.  Suddenly, everything makes sense.

Like the name says, it’s a doorstop that’s also a tentacle.  And it looks like it’s crawling right under your door. Just like what would happen if Cthulhu lurks on the other side of that slab of wood.  Should you peek and see for yourself?  What if you get sucked in and thrown into another dimension filled with eternal horrors?

The Tentacle Doorstop is made from urethane resin with rubber paddings that give it a tight grip on surfaces.  The details aren’t exquisite, but they are mighty impressive, especially for something as unassuming as a doorstop.  Each one is handpainted, giving each limb slight variations in appearance, so buying more than one can actually be fun.  It measures 5 x 2.24 x 5 inches.

While you’d rather put away most doorstops when not in use (let’s face it — they’re not exactly stuff you show off), I have a feeling this one will do better displayed right next to your monster action figure collection.  Could make nice with your Barbie collection, too — after all, Cthulhu might want to take home a bride to the underworld.

Neato Shop has the Tentacle Doorstop available.  Price is $19.95.

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