The Rig Is An Off-Road Motorized Wheelchair Built From Bike Parts

Wheelchairs have long made it easy for people with lower limb disabilities to make their way around. In recent years, we’ve even seen wheelchair/ATV crossovers that allow those same people to make their way around in more challenging backcountry terrain. A couple years ago, some dude even made a custom off-road machine for his wheelchair-bound future wife. Well, that same off-roader has now been converted into a production vehicle called The Rig.

No, it’s not really a wheelchair, with its four-wheeled design and wide frame making it look more like a proper vehicle than a medical-grade mobility device. Truth be told, that’s probably a good thing, since not being a wheelchair means it will not need to conform to medical regulations – something that would have probably made it more complex and, ultimately, more expensive. Yes, that’s the reason why some of those wheelchair/ATV crossovers are more expensive than a car.

The Rig is a four-wheeled off-road wheelchair designed to travel anywhere a motorized bike would, making it a functional alternative for mobility-challenged individuals who can’t quite use their legs to safely operate a standard two-wheeled ride. Of course, it’s much wider than a bike with its ATV-like proportions that measures 60 x 32 inches (length x width), so while it’s won’t be able to slither through narrower trails and pathways that can only fit bicycles, it should successfully make its way through anywhere else.

Since it’s designed for off-road use, there’s an option for full suspension, although there’s also an option without it for those who plan to use it for getting around town instead. Similarly, the wheels can be outfitted with knobby tires for strong grip in off-road conditions or regular street tires, depending on how you plan to use it.

The Rig is powered by an electric motor combo that can get it running at speeds of up to 12 mph, which is hooked up to a battery that provides a maximum range of up to 20 miles. You can equip the ride with up to two batteries at a time to double the effective range. Handles on the left and right side of the chair allow you to operate and maneuver the wheelchair pretty intuitively, both of which can folded back, so drivers can easily mount and dismount through the side entry. According to the product page, nearly every part of the wheelchair is made from bicycle parts, which should make it easy to repair and maintain.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds (including the driver), so while it can safely traverse most outdoor trails, you’re not going to be able to use it to carry heavy payloads. That means, those thinking of getting one for use as a load-bearing UTV won’t really be able to use it as such. In case you want to use it to carry cargo, though, it’s possible using an optional rear rack, although you’ll have to keep things reasonably light to stay within the payload limit.

The Rig is available now, priced starting at $3,750.

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