The Science Of Showering


Ever since we saw that episode of Stargate where the guy Ernest got stuck in the little room with the alien language thingee we have always wondered how he remembered all of his elements. Well, he must have had one of these periodic table of the elements shower curtains, because when the team arrived he was able to point out every element that was there.

Since it’s a possibility that you too could be stuck on an alien planet for fifty years with nothing to do but study the periodic table of the elements, we recommend you get one of these too. Even if you don’t do gate travel, you’ll still benefit from having this shower curtain up – both by impressive you gang of friends with your knowledge of the periodic table, but also by being prepared for a game show should you ever go on one and pick ‘Science’ as the category.

This standard sized shower curtain lists all of the currently known elements, is environmentally friendly, and color codes the elements as well as listing their atomic weight. You’ll learn lots simply by taking a shower each day, and you’ll be clean too!

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