Point And Shoot Made Even Easier: theQ Camera

A novelty point and shoot isn’t exactly something the market is hungry for.  Sometimes, however, one comes along that brings exactly the novelty features you’re looking for.  That could be the case for theQ Camera.

Designed as an “idiot-proof” camera, it simplifies everything for users.  In a habit of forgetting to turn on the flash?  They put two shutter buttons — one that shoots with no flash and another that automatically turns on the flash on the shot.  Always deleting your photos when fiddling with menus?  Not a problem, since the camera uploads all photos immediately to the company’s online servers as soon as they’re shot.  Not really good fiddling with focus and exposure?  They have preset settings to help you cheat your way to great shots.

Billed as “the world’s first social camera,” theQ Camera can send all pictures straight to various social networks over 3G.  You just need to set up your account on the company’s website and identify which websites to forward your images: all photos get automatically uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or IG when you hit the camera’s “Upload” button twice.   In case you end up someplace without 3G reception, the camera has a 2GB emergency storage, where it will hold the files temporarily until it finds a signal.  Oh yeah, the thing is also fully waterproof, so you can use your camera in the rain, drop it on puddles, and even take pictures in the river without any worries.

Details include 5.0 megapixel optics, a 24mm wide-angle manual focus lens, a diffused LED ring flash that also doubles as a timer (it uses eight segments to count down the seconds so your subject knows exactly when to say cheese), a 2.7-inch LCD display in the back, and even an old-school viewfinder in the corner.  It has a pocket-friendly size of 2.5 x 2.1 x 0.62 inches, which should fit right in your Pose Camera Case.

TheQ Camera is available for preorder in a variety of colors, priced at $199.

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