TripTarp Comes With A Chart For Visually Organizing Your Camping Gear


No, you don’t need the TripTarp to plan all the gear you’re bringing for a camping trip. If you’re going to bring a tarp to a trip anyway, this thing adds a handy guide chart for visually sorting all the gear you need when planning any adventure.

A printed tarp, it divides the one side of the tarp in nine sections – a list of recommended items on the left and eight separate sections for different categories of gear.  The idea is to set down every gear you plan to bring on its designated category, so you can see everything you’re packing visually, all while using the list on the left as a guideline.


The TripTarp measures 5 x 7 feet, so you can fit a whole load of gear on its surface, all while serving as a handy tarp for shielding you from sun and rain at camp.  It comes with four corner tie downs and four edge grommets to give you options in pitching it during camping, so you can use it as a shade, an emergency shelter, or a hammock cover, depending on what you need. Construction is lightweight and weatherproof 70D ripstop nylon.


Aside from the list and packing zones, the tarp comes printed with a 5-foot ruler, safety reminders, and yellow contrast edging. Do note, this is designed with solo backcountry camping in mind, with other applications, such as family camping and beach camping, planned for release later.

TripTarp recently finished a successful Kickstarter, with a planned spring 2017 ship date.

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