TS3Cine High Speed Camera Shoots 720p Videos At 720 FPS

Shooting videos at high frame rates usually involves hauling one of those large professional-type rigs.   Since everything else is getting smaller, why not high-speed cameras, right?  The TS3Cine is not that much bigger than a DSLR, but it can shoot 720p videos at 720 fps, ready to service all your fast-paced action capture needs.

Sure, you can shoot slo-mo scenes in your compact point and shoot.  But we’re guessing they’re crappy.  We know so because we have tried many here at cool things. For the more discerning videographer who wants to capture every possible frame, this high-speed and high-res device is likely the most portable option available today.

The TS3Cine is a point and shoot video camera that looks like the unholy union of a DSLR (or a fake DSLR) and a Galaxy Tab, measuring 8.97 x 4.48 x 3.5 inches and weighing just under 4 lbs.  Yes, that’s a 7-inch LCD you see in the back, eliminating the need for an external monitor to watch all the captured action.  Aside from 720p videos, it can also capture full 1024p HD, although the frame rates go down a bit to 500 fps.

Designed to work as a self-contained camera, it comes with its own SSD (up to 256GB),  expansion storage (via USB or microSD), an HDMI out, and a rechargeable battery (good for 3 hours).   In case you’d rather control it from a slight distance, it can be operated via web browser, too, although there’s no WiFi (just gigabit ethernet).

You know anything that sounds this sweet won’t be cheap and the TS3Cine isn’t but is still much less than other professional high speed cameras available in the market today .  Creators Fastec are currently selling it for $29,900. BTW, you can rent it for a day or more also!

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