Tucker Shirt-Stay Is A Lockable, Adjustable Belt That Keeps Your Shirt Tucked In


Keeping your shirt tucked in your pants sounds simple enough. Like many things in life, it’s one of those simple things that’s far easier said than done, with the darn thing popping out slowly throughout the course of the day. That’s why some guys wear those goofy garter-like things around their legs, as if they’re about to wear some stockings. The Tucker Shirt-Stay offers a more masculine alternative.

A belt for your shirt, it wears along the same line as the bottom button on your shirt, saving you from the indignity of having to wear a leg garter like you’re about to hump a stripper pole. We’re just kidding, by the way, we have nothing against traditional shirt-stays, but you have to admit, wearing a belt under your pants is just so much less distracting than a pair of garters on your legs.


The Tucker Shirt-Stay is a slim-profile belt designed to hold your shirt in place, similar to the way a regular belt holds up your trousers. When slipped on, the belt will secure your shirt in place and always keep it tucked, ensuring you can look sharp no matter how much you move all throughout the day. Heck you can remove your pants for whatever reason and the shirt will remain in perfect position.

Since shirts don’t have loops for the belt to slip into, the shirt-stay comes with a hook at one end that latches onto the bottom button on your shirt. We know, that sounds like it could stress the button too much, so we’d recommend adding a few stitches on there (or even replacing it with a much stronger button – like metal or something). A metal regulator allows you to adjust the belt’s fit with a simple slide, while multiple locking tabs can attach to the hook in order to secure the belt in place. Tabs around the belt made from Nubuck grips provide extra hold to prevent the shirt from rising up, while reinforced stitching ensures they don’t easily wear, no matter how much use they eventually find.


To wear the Tucker Shirt-Stay, simply slide the hook onto the last button on your shirt, wrap the belt around your waist, fasten the lock, and slide the regulator to find the perfect fit. Does it feel weird? Probably, since you’re essentially wearing a belt under your pants while wearing another belt on top of it. Compared to wearing leg-garter shirt stays or those that connect your shirt to your socks, though, we imagine this is a whole lot more convenient. Yes, it looks a lot less weird, too.


Because of the slim profile, it’s also completely indiscernible, ensuring there’s no extra bulge around the waist from securing your shirt with an extra belt. The strap material, by the way, comes with stretch, with the ability to expand up to 59 inches long, so it should accommodate most any waist size.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tucker Shirt-Stay. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $19.

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