This Hanging Bike Rack’s Auto-Locking Mechanism Will Secure Your Bike At Home


You have a bike rack at home and it’s awesome, giving you a place to store your bike away from the floor when it’s not in use. Problem is, you can’t lock it in the rack, allowing your roommates to take your expensive race bike any time they want and use it like the BMX they rode to its demise when they were 13. The Bike Safe S offers a more secure solution.

A hanging bike rack, you simply mount it on the wall using the included hardware to give your bike a place to set down once you get home. It looks great enough to be used outside the garage, too, so this should make for a suitable solution even in smaller apartments and condos.


Unlike similar bike racks, the Bike Safe S doesn’t just cradle your bike and balance it, but secures it, too. To use the rack, in fact, you’ll first have to insert the key, which will unlock the top tube so that you can retract it, allowing you to set the bike down on the integrated saddle below. To lock, just pull the tube back into position – it will automatically lock once it’s set in place. An optional leather cover for the saddle should help keep your bike steady while the top tube sits on it, although each saddle also comes with Technogel pad layer to provide decent grip.


Available now, the Bike Safe S is priced at €440.

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