Wear A Picture Frame On Your Finger With The Good Time Ring


Why settle for a photo frame in your wallet when you can put one in your finger?  That’s not exactly the idea that went into the Polaroid-inspired “Good Time Ring,” but it might as well be.  After all, it’s literally a picture frame that slips over one of your knuckles.  Way cool.

Created by Etsy user Yellowgoat, out of Hongkong, the very creative piece comes with a tiny frame slot where you can slip a small picture in.  It can both be worn as a “photo ring”  or set down on a tabletop as a minuscule picture frame.  Either way, it looks absolutely adorable.


The Good Time Ring comes in either a sterling silver or brass body that’s approximately 1mm thick.  Actual frame measures 2.8 x 2.3 mm, which is capable of holding thumbnail-sized 1.8 x 1.8 mm prints of your favorite shots.  Since each piece is done by hand, the actual finger fitting can be adjusted to accommodate your particular size.  You’re supposed to give the seller your ring size, along with every order.

Give me a reason to wear an anonymous slab of metal around my finger, again?  With this hand adornment, you can actually customize what you end up rocking on your fingers on a daily basis.  Which is a good thing since the default image on that product photo, which I assume to be a “yellow goat”, funny.

You can also get custom stamp letters on the bottom of the Good Time Ring’s photo frame, although that will cost a little extra.  Visit the seller’s page to catch more images, along with order details.