Whiskee Straw Puts A Whisk On A Metal Straw, So You Can Stir Beverages While You Sip

The first time you hear about Whiskee Straw, you’re probably thinking it’s a specialty straw for sipping your whiskey. Which sounds ridiculous because you’re going to look ridiculous sipping that stiff drink out of a tube. As it turns out, that’s not what it is. Heck, it’s not even intended for use with the distilled alcoholic drink.

Instead, the accessory is actually the combination of a straw and a whisk, allowing you to stir and sip your drinks with the same tool. Why not just a regular straw? Because while conventional metal straws work well for sipping, their simple tube shape is far from efficient at actually stirring drinks – a job best fitted for a small version of a traditional whisk.

The Whiskee Straw is, basically, a metal straw with a slight bend at the upper third of its length, similar to the design of many reusable straws you can get today. Except, it also comes with a whisk at the opposite end that’s styled like the cooking utensil that you use to whisk batter, whip eggs, and mix all sorts of ingredients in the kitchen. Of course, a real whisk will be too big to fit in the cup, mug, or travel bottle you use to drink beverages that will need some stirring, so they equipped it with a miniature one resembling the shape of a French whisk. With the bent shape and the whisk at the end, this is, obviously, less easy to bring everywhere than a standard straight metal straw, so it’s something you will likely be using more at home.

What drinks will you actually need to use a whisk on? Pretty much, anything that needs stirring. Those powdered mixes that you dissolve in water, such as protein shakes, chocolate milk, and powdered beer (yes, it exists), could definitely use it. So will your iced coffee, tea mixes, and even nighttime cocktails. All those different spirits, juices, and syrups need to be mixed well to combine properly, after all. The best part? You can mix your beverage as you’re drinking, sparing you from the hassle of having to reach for a stirring spoon in the middle of enjoying a drink when you realize the powder isn’t fully dissolved or that the flavors aren’t mixed completely.

The Whiskee Straw comes in two sizes: 215mm and 240mm, each one made with a tube measuring 8mm in diameter. Each one comes with a silicone tip that you can put on at the sipping tip, in case you’re not a fan of putting your lips around a cold steel surface every time you enjoy a sip. We mean, that jolting feel of cold steel sort of ruins the fun. And yes, the whole thing is machine-washable, so you can simply throw it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning after every use.

You can purchase each size of straw individually, in case you prefer keeping the same size of straws around the house. You can also order them as two-set that includes one of each size, two silicone tips, and a cleaning brush.

The Whiskee Straw is available now, priced starting at $14.

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