Just Add Water To This Powder Concentrate And It Transforms Into An Intoxicating Pint Of Beer

A long day of hiking, hunting, and doing your best Bear Grylls impersonation is always best capped off with a delicious glass of beer.  Problem is, hauling several six-packs along for the trip just sounds like an absolute inconvenience few of us will be willing to put up with.  Fortunately, that won’t be necessary with Pat’s Backcountry Beer.

A powdered beer concentrate, it lets you carry a generous stash of booze without taking up too much space in your pack.  That way, you can spend the entire afternoon hiking trails, wrestling bears, and riding mountain bikes downhill, then retire back to camp and kick back a couple beers like you would at home.

To use Pat’s Backcountry Beer, simply open one of the packets and mix the concentrate with water into the separately available Carbonator Bottle.   From there, you throw in a packet of Pat’s Activator (citric acid and potassium bicarbonate), lock the bottle, and shake it side-to-side to complete the carbonation process.  That’s it.  Just drink it straight from the same bottle or pour it into a separate pint to enjoy.  Alternatively, you can also use one of SodaStream’s carbonation rigs, if you already have one stashed somewhere.

For now, only two beer flavors are available: Pale Rail and Black Hops.  Each packet contains 2.1 oz. of the powdered concentrate, which can be mixed with 16 oz. of water to produce delicious sudsy beer with 5.7 and 6.1 percent ABV for the Pale Rail and Black Hops, respectively.

Price is $10 for a four-pack of Pat’s Backcountry Beer concentrate, $40 for the Carbonator Bottle, and $6 for a 12-pack of the Activator.

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