Withings Thermo Reinvents The Clinical Thermometer Into A Simpler, More Hygienic Device


Taking your temperature is easy enough. Just stick a clinical thermometer (no, don’t use a steak thermometer… please) in one of three places in the body, wait a few seconds, and you’re good. Unless, of course, you’re trying to take the temperature of a child who refuses to keep still, at which point, getting a reading turns into a drawn-out game that can take the good part of an hour. The Withings Thermo changes that.

Instead of being inserted in the mouth, under the armpit, or where the sun don’t shine, this compact thermometer just needs to be touched to a person’s forehead. Even better, it requires just two seconds of contact to provide you with an accurate temperature reading, turning the process into a particularly convenient affair.


The Withings Thermo is a handheld device that looks about the size of a toothpaste tube. To use it, simply touch the business end of the device to the side of a person’s forehead and push the lone button on the body, at which point the 16 infrared sensors will go to work, taking individual readings to find the hottest spot on the person’s skin. A light vibration indicates it has completed its reading, at which point the results will be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit via an embedded LED display. Features include a color-changing LED indicator (green when reading is fine, orange or red when it’s too high), two AA batteries (a fresh pair is good for two years of use), and an accompanying app that can record a log of your temperature readings.


Slated for availability in the first quarter, the Withings Thermo is priced at €99.95.

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