Every Woodworking Toolkit Can Use The Woodpeckers CSP And CSP Clamps

Using 90-degree square legs are a standard tool for many woodworkers, as it allows them to line up two lengths of wood in perfect 90-degree angles, making it a whole lot easier to wait for glue to dry or add hardware fasteners. The Woodpeckers CSP and CSP Clamps do the exact same thing, albeit with a design that’s more efficient and requires less space to store.

Like similar products, it consists of 90-degree squares that you can put in the corners of cabinets, wine racks, or any other item you’re building to line them up perfectly before securing with clamps. Unlike them, the square can be installed both inside and outside the item, while the clamps are way smaller than you’ll normally use in such a project, making it easy to store a bunch of them in a small drawer somewhere in the workshop.

The Woodpeckers CSP, which stands for Clamping Square Plus, is an updated version of the outfit’s original square legs, coming in at a longer and wider size, while also being more durable. Each one is made from a single block of aluminum, so there are no joints that will come apart, ensuring these things can last a very long time in your woodworking toolbox. Like the old version, it can be used both inside and outside of the corner you’re securing, all while working with any F- and C-style clamps you have in your stash. Each one, by the way, has a relief cut on the inside section to allow imperfectly cut sections when placing them on the outside of your corners.

Unlike the previous version, though, this new one comes with a series of holes (11 total) on the sides measuring 0.375 inches each. These holes are designed precisely for the CSP Clamps, the outfit’s new clamp design, which come with slim bars that lock flush into the holes, allowing the clamp to secure without having to put pressure on top of the square legs. This allows the clamps to be way smaller than traditional designs, making them more efficient to keep in your stash, although you’re restricted to working with materials that have a maximum thickness of 2 inches. Any thicker and you’ll have to resort to more traditional clamps, although it’s a perfect size for the kinds of projects this is intended for.

The Woodpeckers CSP and CSP Clamps are all available separately, so you can pick up just the square legs if you want to use regular clamps or buy them as a set. Truth be told, we’re big fans of the clamp design, although they’re not likely to be useful outside of this custom pairing. The outfit, by the way, is also selling the CSP Rack-It, a wall-mounted storage solution that can hold four of the square legs and eight of the clamps, allowing you to keep the full set in a small of patch of wall space.

A full set of the Woodpeckers CSP and CSP Clamps (four legs and eight clamps) with the CSP Rack-It is priced at $239.99.

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