Wordle: The Party Game Turns The Viral Online Puzzle Into A Tabletop Game

It’s strange how some things go viral. For instance, few would have guessed that a modern version of Jotto will become a viral sensation that millions of people will be playing every day, yet that’s exactly what Wordle has done in such a short time. It’s so popular, in fact, that the word puzzle game is now turning into a tabletop title with the release of Wordle: The Party Game.

That’s right, you no longer have to be restricted to playing one round of Wordle daily at the New York Times’ website and app, allowing you to get friends together at the end of the day to play out a few rounds of trying to guess words faster than each other. Granted, your resulted won’t be celebrated (or derided, whichever the case may be) by colorful emojis that you can share on Twitter, but you’ve got friends to do that with anyway, so it’s probably even more fun.

Unlike the digital version, Wordle: The Party Game isn’t something you can play on your own. Instead, it’s a party game, so you’ll need, at least, two people to get the game going at the bare minimum. Of the players, one will play the host, who will be in charge of writing the secret five-letter word. The others will then attempt to guess the word in six tries, similar to the online version. Except, in this case, they’re competing to guess the word faster than the other players, with points awarded based on how many tries it takes you to guess correctly. The player with the lowest number of points at the end of the game wins.

According to the outfit, the game offer four modes of play. There’s classic, which is the straightforward way of playing, as well as fast, timed, and teams. In fast mode, you try to guess the word faster than the other players, while in timed, you need to guess the word within the time limit. Obviously, teams is for playing in groups, which will be great for those times you have a big party playing.

Wordle: The Party Game comes with dry-erase boards that’s printed similar to the digital game layout, allowing you to put down your guess by writing one letter on each tile using the included dry-erase markers. The host will then use transparent green tiles and yellow tiles to let you know when a letter is correct (green) or not included in the word (yellow), giving you the clues you need to make your next guess. The game also comes with privacy dividers that players can use to keep their opponents from seeing their guesses.

The tabletop version, by the way, is published by Hasbro, so if this is anywhere near as big of a hit as the online version, you can bet they’ll make fancier, more complex versions later on. Which could be fun or annoying, depending on how many ways you can genuinely make Wordle even more entertaining.

Wordle: The Party Game is now available for preorder, with an October release date.

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