World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella Fits Your Trouser Pockets

All umbrellas should be small umbrellas.  The smaller they can fold, the higher the likelihood you’ll squeeze them into your gear bag even when the weather app on your phone says it’s bound to be a calm day.  The weather is a fickle-minded grinch, after all.  If you’re looking for the smallest but still perfectly functional umbrella you can find, the World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella may be just what you need.

Small enough to cram into a trouser’s pocket (if you’re wearing too-tight jeans, though, all bets are off), it measures just 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter when closed.  That means, you can finally carry an umbrella without either having to clasp it in one hand or carry a bag — just squeeze it into an available pocket in your jacket or trousers to be ready for the rain.  For all intents and purposes, this makes it even more convenient to bring than that Manbrella we love so much.

When opened, the World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella unfolds to a 40-inch diameter canopy, which should be enough to keep you protected from most reasonable amounts of rainfall.  The canopy is constructed from 00-denier polyester, with the shaft, ribs and stretches made from steel, so this is less likely to give out on you even in the face of strong winds.   A single button on the handle automatically opens and closes the umbrella.

Want one?  Hammacher Schlemmer has the World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella available, priced at $29.95.

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