XRC Brawler Brings A High-Speed Amphibious Tank To Your Fleet Of RC Vehicles

Driving a tank across the city sounds fun and all, but you’ll probably be arrested before you even get past your first traffic light. Even if you had a huge property you can drive a tank around on, acquiring a tank will probably be a tad too rich for most of us. If you want to drive a tank, an RC version will likely be your most realistic option. That’s exactly what you can get with the XRC Brawler.

Created by British startup Xtreme RC, it’s a 1/5th-scale RC tank that, the outfit claims, is the highest performing of its kind in the market. Not only can it ride through the most challenging backyard terrains, the darn thing is designed to move faster than any other RC tank, shrug all sorts of impact, and even ride through water without missing a beat. Yes, the darn thing is amphibious.

The XRC Brawler measures 31.8 x 17.3 x 11.2 inches (length x width x height) and weighs 44 pounds, so it’s a big RC toy for satisfying your backyard bashing needs, with a reinforced build that should allow it to withstand all sorts of rugged encounters. You know how the track system in RC tanks are frequently the first thing to get compromised during hard acceleration or turning into tight corners? That’s why, for this vehicle, they engineered an entirely new track system that, the outfit claims, can handle a lot more roughhousing than your typical tracks.

According to the outfit, the track system uses two channels for the wheels to sit in, giving them the best lateral engagement to keep the tracks in place, no matter how the tank moves. For even greater stability, it also employs a heavy-duty track tensioner that allows it to maintain the same level of tension even when the shocks are compressed.

The XRC Brawler pairs that reinforced track system with strengthened trailing arms, strengthened shock towers, and impact-resistant metal bash plates at the nose, along with a high-strength spaceframe chassis, ensuring durable performance all throughout. It’s powered by a pair of 2,200kV Hobbywing motors that draws juice from 12 LiPo cells, a combo that, apparently, allows it to go as fast as 35 mph, while a custom suspension system that uses six springs and six dampers gives it over 70mm of clearance for conquering practically any kind of backyard terrain.

It’s completely sealed, by the way, so all the electronics are completely safe, even when you’re driving in inclement weather. That’s important, as, the outfit claims, this thing is designed for amphibious operation, with the tracks supposedly allowing it to paddle through many bodies of water. Sure, it’s probably very slow, but it still sounds a whole lot of fun. Other features include two integrated light bars to keep it visible at night and an optional FPV camera with transmitter that will allow you to operate it remotely while feeling like you’re in the cockpit.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the XRC Brawler. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $505.

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