Yamaha PDX-11 Looks Like A Spotlight, Blasts Noise

Still haven’t found the perfect iPod speaker dock for playing your iTunes collection on the road?  The Yamaha PDX-11, which looks like big ass stage lighting for concerts, sounds like a nice unit to try.

Built for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s clad in beefy durable casing that looks like it will shrug away everyday bumps better than most portable speakers.  Well, it better, since the octagon shape and slightly larger dimensions (8.25 x 9.4 x 9.4 inches) make it unlikely to go into most bags, so you’ll have to carry it by the metal handle on top the entire time (don’t worry, we’re sure your puny muscles can handle 3.3 lbs).

The stylish Yamaha PDX-11 comes in four colors (white, dark blue, green and black), accented by a color-matched perforated steel grille.  While it’s just a single two-way speaker, it’s a well-equipped single unit, packing a 4-inch cone woofer for delivering “strong bass and stunning mid-range” and a tweeter for handling all the high notes.

The dock on top should be compatible with all iPhones and iPods, with a 3.5mm jack also available for using with other music sources.   It requires six AA batteries to run for approximately 8 hours of non-stop play.  A wireless mini-remote is included.

Why want this?  For one, Yamaha has traditionally made solid-sounding audio gear.  Plus, the PDX-11 looks rugged with the angled sides and thick frame, without turning into an industrial mess like the Bosch Power Box.  Most importantly, price is on point at $99.95, making it perfect for your budget-hunting sensibilities.