Yeeu K1 Smart Lock Box Gives Airbnb Homeowners A Convenient Way To Give Guests Their House Keys

Many people choose to put their rental properties on Airbnb, as it lets them earn money on rent without dealing with the hassle of regular tenants. It’s just convenient. Problem is, you have a revolving door of renters, requiring you to regularly drop by to give each new guest the keys to the house. And it’s not as convenient. The Yeeu K1 Smart Lock Box wants to change that.

Designed for the Airbnb crowd, the connected lockbox allows you to stash keys and key cards for your guests right by the front door, saving you from the hassle of driving by to let them into the house. Sure, you can replace your traditional deadbolts with smart locks and give them access instead, but that could really complicate things for guests who are not comfortable with smart locks. Do you really want them to keep calling you every time they forget the key code? Yeah, going this route is definitely simpler.

The Yeeu K1 Smart Lock Box consists of a small box that can be mounted to the wall using screws or hung somewhere on your front door using the optional shackles. Able to open using either a password or a fingerprint (or both), it allows you to give guests easy access to the house keys by simply sending them a password. After they open the box and take the keys, it’s done – that’s probably all the interaction you’ll need to have with them for the rest of the stay, at least as far as access to the house is concerned. For the next batch of guests, simply put the keys back in the box, put in a new password, and you’re done.

It has a capacitive keypad at the lower part of the cover, where your guests can enter the password you assigned to them, while the fingerprint sensor sits near the top, giving you the option of biometric access, in case you can’t remember the password you set and you don’t have your phone handy. The box can pair with your phone over Bluetooth, allowing you to easily change passwords after you finish setting up the box. All access to the lock box is logged in the app, by the way, allowing you to check whether there’s been any unauthorized access at any time.

The Yeeu K1 Smart Lock Box has room inside for up to eight keys, which should be enough to let them lock and unlock every room in the house, all while being large enough to accommodate a stack of access cards if you use those for your home locks instead. Construction is all-aluminum, with a durable build that, the outfit claims, is secure from tampering. There’s also an optional weatherized build, in case you’re leaving the box in an area where it will be exposed to rain, sun, or snow, ensuring it won’t incur damage caused by the elements.

Slated to ship April 15th, the Yeeu K1 Smart Lock Box is priced starting at $89.

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