Yoke Shopper: Because Excessive Shopping Doesn’t Have To Be Strenous


Big shoppers not only require a huge lump of cash to satiate their habits.  They also need more hands to carry all those uncomfortable bags.  The Yoke Shopper simplifies life when raiding stores in bulk, allowing you to carry heavy sacks of plastic while leaving both of your hands unoccupied.

While it won’t carry your bags for you, the Yoke Shopper should make the whole activity more comfortable.  Lock the handles together, sling the strap around your shoulder and stroll around the mall while your hands roam free.  Yep, you’ll be every other shopper’s envy during a closeout sale.


The Yoke Shopper is a small device with an integrated locking mechanism.  A bright orange button loosens the hook, where you can sling up to six shopping bags.  Once they’re in, simply release the button to have the contraption lock them all in.

An integrated 1.2-meter strap lets you carry the whole thing over your shoulder, making the process of carrying multiple bags easier than it ever could be.  Alternatively, you can hold the Yoke Shopper on one hand (it’s been designed to fit snugly), picking up the full weight of the bags without the handles cutting painfully on your fingers.  The manufacturer suggests a maximum load of 10 kgs for men and 7 kgs for women (as per the Health Department’s guidelines), though it should be able to handle a lot more (provided you have the strength to lift the load up).

You can’t shop till you drop when your hands are tired and hurting from toting all those bags.   The splurge-friendly Yoke Shopper is available directly from the company’s website for £9.99.

[Yoke Shopper via Red Ferret]