Use The goTenna To Send And Receive Texts Without Internet Access or Cell Service

The goTenna is a radio antenna that can communicate with other goTenna units.   Designed to work with a mobile app, it lets you send text messages to other goTenna users even without cell service or internet access in the area.

Designed for off-grid use, it lets you have a way to communicate even with no access to cell towers, WiFi networks, or communication satellites in sight.  Need a way to text friends who split with the main group during a hike?  This will do it.  How about text-chatting with friends on the secluded private island while you take the Wally 55 Power Boat out for a ride?  This will work.  Basically, it’s a personal communication network open to anyone with a goTenna and a smartphone.

The goTenna is a bar-style piece of hardware that can be clipped to a belt loop or a bag zipper for easy portability.  To use, simply pair your goTenna with a smartphone (iOS and Android) over Bluetooth, launch the app, and you’re duly equipped to text anyone with their own goTenna in tow.  Since it’s a private network, texts arrive fast, with messages quickly transmitted via low-frequency radio waves in under a second.  All messages are self-destructing and come with end-to-end encryption for security.    It can send and receive messages from any goTenna within a 50.5-mile range.

The device has onboard memory that can store up to several thousand messages, in case it isn’t paired to a phone yet (it will immediately push messages as soon as it connects).  Onboard battery, however, is only good for 30 hours of active use, so you’ll have to find a way to keep replenishing the thing for use in the wild outdoors.

Slated to ship late in the Fall, the goTenna is now available for preorder.  Price is $149.99 a pair.

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  1. Ron

    Wow! Only 149.99? Where do I keep the keyboard? Inside the backpack? Or, is it speech to text?

    • Mike

      As the ad says, there is an app that you download once and launch from your phone. All the typing is performed through your phone. The goTenna is just the hardware that makes messaging possible.


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