An Integrated Pouch Allows The iDesk Laptop Backpack To Hold Computers Up To 15 Inches


Contrary to the name, the iDesk Laptop Backpack isn’t actually a backpack. Instead, it’s a vest. Well, a vest that happens to have a laptop pouch, so you can carry your computer under a jacket, all while looking like you’re wearing nothing but the clothes on your back.

Designed to hold a laptop close to the body, it lets you transport a computer without the hassle of a bag slung over a shoulder or a sack hanging from your back. That way, you can go about your day as if you’re not carrying anything, all while being ready to hunker down at the nearest coffee shop to get some serious work done.


The iDesk Laptop Backpack is made from a form-fitting material, so it should stretch to accommodate any laptops up to 15 inches in size. Slim and lightweight, it’s styled to wear comfortably, ensuring it feels like a regular part of your clothing. Because all the weight of the laptop is held against your torso, there’s little dangling heft to make movement difficult, making it ideal for use whether you’re commuting on a packed train, riding your ultra-light bicycle, or walking up a tall flight of stairs.

Aside from the laptop compartment, it comes with a pouch for accessories (like chargers) and even one of the shoulder for smaller items. Construction is neoprene and breathable air mesh, with a soft inner lining that protects your laptop’s finish and a water-resistant coating.

Available now, the iDesk Laptop Backpack is priced at $25.

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  1. Eric_WVGG

    This is a Chinese knock-off the Built NYC backpack, designed back around 2008 I think. The Built had an additional strap at the top for hanging (you can see it in the orange and green photos), and a side pocket on the back.

    But Built refocused on building kitchenware nonsense, then sold out and effectively disappeared. This backpack is magnificent, and my Built just wore out, so I’m grateful that this factory is still churning them out.


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