No More Soggy Cereal With The Obol Bowl

I don't like soggy cereal, you are not a big fan of either.  Long story short, soggy cereal sucks. But if we want milk with our morning flakes, it's an inevitability.  Unless, of course, you use two bowls.  Or an ingeniously-fashioned bowl like the Obol. Off course not to be confused with the gyro bowl for kids.

Billed as "the original crispy bowl," the tableware takes a regular bowl and puts a spiral slide divider in the middle.  That way, you can put milk on one side and your favorite crispies  on the other, combining them by spoonfuls to keep everything crunchy, rather than pouring everything together (which leaves them soggy in a couple minutes).

The Obol's unique design doesn't just throw up a wall in the center like most dual-compartment bowls in the market.  Instead, the spiral and sloping shape creates a pathway on one corner, where you can let some of the cereal slide (either by tilting the bowl carefully or pushing it with a spoon) to join the milk on the other side.

Designed for holding with one hand (while the other grabs a spoon), it features a slightly protruding rim with a textured finish that facilitates a no-slip grip.  The bowl's base is actually shaped like a handle, too, in case you'd rather keep your hand far away from the food.

Of course, you're not restricted to using the Obol for breakfast crispies, either.  You can use it for, pretty much, any eating situation that involves separating solids with liquids like cookies and milk, nachos and bacon hot sauce salsa, and gummi bear and corn syrup.  Yep, eat that last one at your own risk.  You can get a three-set of the Obol now, priced at $18.95.

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11 Responses

  1. Ozzy

    The first sight of the Obol Bowl suggested to me that this was some new age Chinese crockery thing. Even the name sounds like it has a distinct Chinese undercurrent. But then, cereal doesn’t get counted as Chinese, right? Well, if the images are any indication, this is the solution we all crave for during the hurried morning diet. Rather than a hurriedly put together divided bowl, the Obol bowl is a crafty piece, as evident from the intelligent rim to hold and the cool base shape to facilitate holding by one hand. Another great part about the whole thing is that the makers have not lost their sanity at having invented an ingenious product. A set of three Obol bowls is offered at a price around 18 dollars, great! The next thing I am going to do is make a note of finding this thing online, maybe for even lesser. That is after I am through with reading about some more crazy cool new products.

  2. Randy

    By God I hate soggy cereal too hard to even try putting in words. I have even tried a bowl with two compartments to separate out the milk and flakes I prefer in the morning. But believe me, there is nothing quite as irritating as having to lift the flakes, make them jump the wall without falling off, immersing them in milk, and then finally shoving the spoonful in mouth. The result, I am back to the good old soggy kinds. I really hope that I lay my hands on something better like this spiral divider bowl.

  3. Effron

    Nothing disgusts me more than spoilt food, and soggy flakes make the cut. That said, it never crossed my mind that there would be dual compartment bowls in the market. Obol Bowl appears to be the final destination for me! There is something convincing about the manner in which the product has been discussed here. The idea of creating a sliding pathway for cereal to meet the fluid is really cool. Not only does this look good, but also makes eating easy as one could mix and match the liquid and solid diet as desired. I must make it a point to enquire about this, or something similar to this when I hit the stores this weekend.

  4. Stella

    This would make eating oriental stuff so much better than ordinary bowls. It sucks poring the syrups and sauces all in the first go. Wouldn’t it be great having the noodles tucked up on the upper compartment and the crazy spicy sauce safely poured in the lower compartment, and then sliding the noodles into the sauce, holding the bowl in a single hand all this while (unless of course you are having a particularly elaborate meal at the five star).

  5. Caesar

    Is that a super cool thing or what! Holy Cow! Breakfast is going to be great from now on. When say it is cool, I mean that it is a very intelligently planned and thought out product. Apart from the obvious dividing solution to flakes and milk, the base handle provides for keeping the hands off the hot bowl surface. The spiral dividing with the side path to make the two ends meet is simply awesome. Just if they could have made the spiral divider hinged so that the two contents could be mixed easily in case such a thing was desired, but I guess one would use the ordinary bowl in such a case.

  6. Peggy Hanly

    I would really like to buy an Obol Bowl but could not see where I would order one of buy one
    Please send me an e-mail to let me know. Thank you very much

  7. Marsh I. Brooks

    How do I buy the Obol No more soggy cereal bolws for $18.99? There is no place on the page that says BUY


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