Ambi Climate 2 Lets You Control Your Old AC Unit Using Alexa


Using third-party AI to control your home’s existing air-conditioning unit was an ambitious goal and it was one Ambi Climate pulled off with their original product. This time around, the outfit is once again crowdfunding that device’s successor with the Ambi Climate 2.

As with the original, the device can control most brands and models of air-conditioning remotes that have an LCD screen, allowing it to automatically adjust your AC all on its own. It will also rely on your input for those autonomous adjustments, as it learns how you prefer your AC settings via interactions through the companion app.


The Ambi Climate 2 comes with a new more minimalist design, ensuring it can easily blend in with most any décor. It can monitor temperature, humidity, sunlight, time of day, and prevailing weather data, all of which uses to decide how it should adjust your air-conditioning in real-time. You can, of course, make manual adjustments via the app, which the AI then adds to the treasure trove of data it draws from. When no one’s at home, you can program the device to still keep the AC running by specifying a temperature or humidity level that you would like to maintain (you like to keep your pets comfortable). While it’s always been compatible with IFTTT, Alexa integration is now on the dock, too, so you can tell Alexa (whether through one of the devices or the app) to tell Ambi to crank up the AC when it gets a little too hot.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Ambi Climate 2. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at HK$772 (around $99).

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