Varidrive Brings External Drive, Ports In A Sleek Package

Your sleek little ultrabook deserves equally sleek accessories.  And when you’re searching for a multi-port dock and an optical drive to pair with your ultra-thin computing machine, the Asus Varidrive should figure as a worthy pick.

Measuring a slim 20.27 x 14 x 1.5 cm (w x d x h) with a weight of 452 grams, the accessory should be as easy to lug around as your favorite laptop running low-power Intel Core processors.  And it’s every bit as pretty, with sleek lines, a spun metal enclosure and a clever design that twists and folds for dual-positioning options.

The Asus Varidrive combines a Super-Multi DVD combo drive with a multitude of connectors for hooking up your lot of peripherals.  It’s got three USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI, one VGA, and one ethernet connector.  During use, it can be set up flat on the table or stood up tower-style, with the optical drive standing vertically and the connectors on the base.  It requires a separate power source, though, so you’ll need to find a pair of open outlets if you’re using this at a nearby coffee shop.

Want one?  The Asus Varidrive is not yet available, but should hit your favorite stores soon.  No word on pricing yet.

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