Bandai Micro Water Pets: Creepy Robot Tamagotchis That Swim

bandai-microsea-lifeWant a toy that you can drop in the toilet to make whoever looks down there scream in horror? The same guys that brought us classic virtual pets like the Tamagotchi and Digimon just came out with a new set of critters and they swim like creatures of the sea. Released under the Micro Pets line, they bring the perfect dose of cute and creepy, along with some nifty underwater talents.

Designed to look cute in a strange-sea-creature sort of way, the toys are made from ABS plastic, with thin strips of tentacles. There are three water creatures to choose from - a white jellyfish, a blue squid and a red octopus. Of course, they all look the same, save for the different set of eyes (along with a special nose for the octopus). Intended for placement in water bottles, the critters will swim up and down all on their own, all while flailing their flexible arms around.

If you have an empty aquarium that you'd rather not arm with real marine life for all the hassle that maintaining one entails, you can effortlessly revive it with a few of these toys in tow. Just imagine the convenience - no feeding, no oxygen and no cleaning. In its place, you get odd-looking, tentacled, bite-sized swimmers running amuck in a gorgeous aquarium whose water you can change whenever you feel like it. When you bring stupid friends around, you can even make up a story about the critters being dangerous carnivores from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or something.

Selling for $6 apiece, you can easily put together an army of these water-bound critters, drop a dozen or so in a pool and watch swimmers cringe in horror at the sight.  I'm thinking they look like swimming baby mice at a quick glance....ewwwww.

[Magic Pet via Oh Gizmo]