Enjoy The Beach Without Cooking In The Sun With These Collapsible Beach Shelters

Going to the beach? Fun. Getting cooked in the sun? Not so much. While sunscreens and other skin products can help protect you from the harmful effects of all that UVA and UVB exposure, we have a feeling you’ll be more comfortable being able to avoid the scorching rays altogether for those times you’re not in the mood to play bread-in-toaster-oven simulator.

If you have those moments, then you need something that will give you shade from the sun whenever you need it. Here are some of our favorite beach shelters that will do just that.

Sport-Brella Premiere XL

No, it’s not your traditional beach umbrella that you stake into the ground to give you an upright canopy for shade. As far as function goes, though, we’re sold on the merits of the Sport-Brella over its traditional counterparts.

Instead of putting the canopy overhead, it rests at an angle, with around a third of its edges touching the ground. The result is a more efficient shelter that provides shade across a larger area. It performs better in windy beaches, too, with the three ground contact points and lower center of gravity allowing it to hold firm, while built-in vents and windows can be opened to let stronger gusts of wind pass through.

On the downside, it requires a bit more set up than a traditional umbrella, which simply requires staking into the ground. On the upside, it works better in every single way. Plus, there’s the option of simply staking it in the ground, too, if you feel like it. This is the 9-foot model, by the way, which should be able to fit four people comfortably.

Sport-Brella Premiere XL UPF 50+ Umbrella Shelter...
  • 9-foot umbrella canopy features UPF 50 plus sun and weather protection for the beach, camping,...

Pacific Breeze Easy Set Up Beach Tent

This pop-up beach tent can be easily set up by a single individual (no parts to attach), all while having enough room inside to fit three adults comfortably (and four people, less comfortably). It provides both a water-repellent and UPF 50+ roof and floor, so you’re shielded from both sun and sand alike, with the option to get an extended floor, so you can lie down without getting sand on your legs if that’s your thing.

It comes with four stakes for securing on grass or dirt, along with five large outside pockets you can fill up with sand to keep it from flying across the beach during windier days. Inside, it gets three large windows for proper ventilation, although they only provide a single pocket for holding your valuables. Yeah, you’ll probably want to keep a bag inside to keep your supplies within easy reach.

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent Deluxe XL,...
  • Specially designed hub system showcases industry leading design. Allows for fast and easy setup

Coleman Beach Shade

This half-dome beach shade requires a bit more set up than a regular pop-up tent, but should be easy enough to put together once you get the hang of things. What we like about this is the actual shape of the shelter, which extends deeper than most pop-up shades in the market. Combined with the quality fabric and the UPF 50+ sun protection, it provides excellent sun protection compared to many products with similar collapsed dimensions.

It has two zippered openings – one out front and one in the back. The front is designed to open down, with the door serving as an extended floor, so you can stretch out your legs without touching sand, while the rear window can be rolled up if you want better air circulation. Inside, you can fit two adult-sized beach chairs comfortably, too, so you can share a conversation while enjoying cold drinks as you take a break from the scorching sun.

Coleman Beach Shade Canopy Tent, Lightweight &...
  • Portable pop-up beach tent with UPF 50+ sun protection

Neso 1

This compact beach shade gives you a cover measuring 7 x 7 feet that you stretch using four corner bags that filled up with either sand or rocks, then raise using the two included aluminum poles (place one pole about a foot from each front corner). If you have extra poles (not included), you can also throw it in the rear to get a flat roof for more room inside the shelter. It’s a simple but very effective design, giving you a decent amount of shade that allows full air circulation.

The roof fabric has UPF 50+ sun protection and a water-resistant finish, so you can use it to shelter from the rain, in case your sunny afternoon ends up with a sudden drizzle. It’s pretty sturdy, too, with reinforced corners that should hold up to many beach excursions. Even better, it can actually hold up to wind – just adjust to have the front of the shelter facing the direction where the wind is blowing if it gets a little shaky and the gusts will just breeze right through.

Neso Grande

Like the Neso 1, but need something bigger to accommodate your group? Get the Grande model, which gives you a roof measuring 9 x 9 feet and poles that raise it a full 7-feet high, so you can set up a hammock stand in there if you want. It gets the same build and design all around, from the aluminum poles and reinforced corners to UPF 50+ protection and lightweight build (just 6.5 pounds). Except… you know, with a large enough shade to shelter an entire family or a small group of friends.

Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent, 7ft Tall, 9 x 9ft,...
  • DESIGN. Beautifully Designed in Southern California; Corner anchor bags to be weighed down with sand...

Sun Ninja 4-Person Tent

This works similarly to Neso’s shades, except with the canopy being made from even more stretchable spandex. Instead of having stretch cables with bags on the corners, the actual canopy material is extended on the corners all the way to the sand bags with no seams in between, which, in theory, should make it hold up to even more stress for better durability.

It comes with four poles, so you can set up all four corners out of the box or just stick with the two out front, depending on your preference. With the single piece construction for the entire roof and pockets, it’s able to hold up to winds really well, all while offering potent sun protection with its UPF 50+ rating. It comes in three sizes, which can accommodate four, six, and eight people, respectively.

SUN NINJA Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter UPF50+...
  • ALL-PURPOSE POP-UP BEACH TENT – Enjoy relaxing on the beach, kicking back fishing on the side of...

Shibumi Shade

Going to a beach known for its windy characteristics? Forget everything else and bring this unique shade, instead, which is designed specifically for windy settings. Consisting of an arch-shaped aluminum frame with a 15 x 10 foot cover, the shade is meant to be set up facing the direction of the wind, causing the fabric roof to flutter and hover in a stable manner. Without wind, of course, the fabric won’t be able to “float,” so it’s strictly for use in places where wind is a guaranteed certainty.

It’s a minimalist design that packs extremely light at well below four pounds and collapses into a case no bigger than a larger umbrella. Despite that compact portability, it’s able to provide a shaded area for up to six adults, with plenty of space to spare for your cooler, snacks, and other supplies.

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