Bike Crate Is A Manlier Bike Basket

A bike basket comes very handy when you like taking the fixie to the mini-mart to load up on home supplies.  It’s far from the prettiest thing to hook up to your Gritty Bike, though.  If you’re looking for something just a little less unhip, you may want to consider the Bike Crate.

Aimed at guys who find their manliness severely diminished when riding with a granny basket in tow, the container gives you a stylish box to hook up to your handlebars for all your small cargo needs.  Instead of basket weaves, you get crate lines with metal frames and solid walls to hold all the manly supplies you pick up during late-night emergency grocery runs.

The Bike Crate is billed as a “masculine, elegant and practical” box that measures 33 x 39.5 x 17.5 cm (w x l x h). Constructed with all-weather materials, it uses stainless steel for the brackets and angles, aluminum for the mounting brackets, polycarbonate for the side panels, and dibond for the other panels (front, rear, bottom).  All mounting hardware is included.

We’re not sure why they made the side panels transparent, but we guess it’s for those guys who appreciate the see-thru properties of a regular basket.  It comes with a foam mat that you can lay on the base to keep fragile stuff safe, as well as a rubber braid (optional) that you can use to hold stuff in the box (hey, your beers might fly off while making a sharp turn).

Creator MAIK sells the Bike Crate in three colors — yellow, red and black.  Price is unflinchingly steep, though, at €150.00 (around $215).