Use The Buddybox To Turn Any Vehicle Into A Functional Motorhome


At first glance, the Buddybox modules look like random plastic containers that you can use to tidy up a messy room. Except, hiding inside the erstwhile innocent-looking boxes are a whole load of equipment that you can use to turn any vehicle into a functional motorhome.

A modular motorhome system (similar but less-complicated to something like the SwissRoomBox), it lets you easily outfit any regular car with whatever home amenities you want to enjoy on the road. Want a table, so you can dine like civilized folks during camping? The cooking module comes with a fold-out counter-style tabletop, which you can pair with some of the smaller modules to serve as accompanying stools. How about one for bathing? They have one, too, complete with a fold-out mirror and a pull-out shower, so you can clean up thoroughly at a moment’s notice. Want a proper toilet, so you can stop digging holes in the woods? Yep, they have a module for that, as well.


The Buddybox comes in two sizes: a taller one and a shorter one, each of which can be equipped with different fittings to serve various needs. The boxes are made from the same fiberglass material used in shipbuilding to ensure they hold up durably to the elements (the website goes so far as to call them “indestructible”). While the list of modules continue to grow as they expand the applications, the currently-available units include a storage module (two sizes), a sink module (short box), a shower module (tall box), a cooking module (tall box), a cooler module (tall box), and a toilet module (short box).


You can learn more directly from the Buddybox website.

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