Caavo Combines Your Cable Box, Streaming Devices, And Game Consoles In A Unified Interface


Between cable boxes, game consoles, and streaming devices, we hook up a lot of stuff to our TVs. Switching from one input to another is simple enough, but with multiple remotes and having to fiddle with the TV menu, the process is not quite a seamless affair. The Caavo wants to change that.

Designed to sit between your TV and your home theater devices, the box gives folks a central point to control every single one. That way, you can switch from the Xbox One to the Roku to casting on Chromecast using just a single remote, essentially simplifying the entire home theater experience.


The Caavo consists of a box with eight HDMI inputs and a remote that allows you to control all devices hooked up to it. More than making the whole process of switching between devices a seamless process, the box enables universal search, so a search for a movie will turn up results for all the connected devices. Once you’ve chosen to play a movie, it can make a decision on which sources to use all on its own, so you can just sit back and enjoy without having to go through multiple prompts.


Features include automatic detection and configuration for all devices, 4K support, Amazon Alexa integration, and a universal watchlist, essentially treating multiple viewing sources as an integrated system. The outfit claims it stays cool during operation, too, so you can place streaming devices on top of it without any concern.

Slated to go on preorder in May, Caavo is priced at $399.

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