Cablox Lets You Thread Wires For Tidier, Easy-To-Remove Cabling


Need a better way to manage the mess of cables in your house? Cablox just might be the best solution around, boasting a system that makes both cleaning up and taking out cables a simple function of push-and-pull.

Each box of Cablox ships with two 4 x 4 inch square panels that sport 64 protruding plastic nodules. The panels each have adhesive back-ends, which lets them stick right under a desk (as in the photo) or right up a wall. Instead of holding a roll of wires or hiding them in a box, it manages cables by allowing them to thread from one panel to another, creating multi-cable hooks of sorts to allow the mess-free travel.

You tidy up the cables by slotting them between nodules one on panel and stretching it to the nodules on the other panel. Longer cables can be wound up between the two or spun around before being placed on the rig.

While it may not exactly be the neatest solution around (the cables are still visible), it’s arguably the most versatile, allowing users to easily put in cables and take them out, without having to fiddle with a mess of wires. That easy-removal feature is actually the tricky part with most cable management solutions and one that Cablox ably handles with ease.

The official site is a bit of a mess, with superheroes of sort singing the product’s benefits, without really offering anything in the way of information. I’m not sure if they ship worldwide, but the Denmark-based AV Cables which sell the Cablox is doling them out for only $20 a set.

[Cablox via Wired]