Chuck Taylor Well Worn Collection Brings You Brand New Beat-Up Kicks

You know what goes well with brand new faded jeans?  Brand new well-worn sneakers.  Sure, the whole “making new stuff look old” is kind of cheesy, but the result definitely looks awesome.  If you don’t believe me, just check out these Converse Chuck Taylors from the Well Worn Collection.

Looks beat up?  Check.  Looks like it’s been through the ringer a couple of times?  Check.  While you can probably get the same thing hunting down old Chucks at Goodwill, this one spares you from the unfortunate lot of wearing shoes formerly worn by some other dude’s stinky feet (no need to Sterishoe it).  And that’s a good thing.

The Chuck Taylor Well Worn Collection consists of 14 pairs: seven hi-tops and seven low-tops in a variety of colorways.  Each one gets a waxed canvas that looks like it’s been exposed to the elements just a tad too much before hitting the store shelves.  Basically, this is the way a pair will probably look now if someone bought them in the 80s, worn them only a couple of times (so the soles have no wear whatsoever), and washed them every year with serious vigor till 2013.  At least, that’s what you will tell your friends when they ask where you got the beat-up Chucks from.

Pricing for the Chuck Taylor Well Worn Collection starts at $65 for some of the low-tops and peaks at $85 for the black high-top model.  It’s available now.

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