This Collapsible Crate With Large Handles Has To Be The Best Basket Ever


Collapsible crates have been around for a while. This 16-Liter Clever Crate, however, makes its case for your money by coming with large fold-out handles that allow for one-handed carrying, a big advantage over other collapsible crates that require being carried using two hands via handles on the sides.

Don’t worry, the “clever” in the name doesn’t mean it comes with any sort of smart gadget features. Instead, it refers to the system of locking joints along its frame, which enables the basket to fold into a very flat bundle, allowing you to fit multiple crates in tight spaces, such as under the seat of the car. Basically, it gives you the convenience of a bag that you can fold, all while enjoying the utility of a shopping basket, making it ideal for transporting groceries and supplies from the store straight to the house.


The Clever Crate is made from lightweight polypropylene, so it shouldn’t add much heft to whatever you’re carrying inside its compartment. When unfolded in basket mode, it measures 15.5 x 10 x 8.25 inches (w x d x h), with capacity similar to the carrying baskets you can find in grocery stores. The ability to fold flat makes it easy to stash a dozen of these in a small corner of the cabinet, ready to be brought out when you need to carry supplies for the tailgate, tools to the Nourishmat garden, or just organize all the crap you have littering the garage.


Available now, the 16-Liter Clever Crate is priced at $13.

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