SofaHanger Is A Tray That Hooks On Your Armrest

Tired of knocking over drinks and sandwiches you keep putting on your sofa’s armrest? Never lose a bacon and peanut butter sandwich to a dirty floor again with the SofaHanger, a stylish tray designed to hang right on your couch’s arm.

Created by European company Vanpey, the contraption adds a functional side table without the bulk of one. Just plop it along the edge of your sofa and use it to hold any of the stuff you’ll usually have strewn all over the living room, such as magazines, snacks, drinks, controllers, remotes and water pistols. The latter is for me, by the way, since I like shooting people with liquid bullets.

What if it doesn’t fit your couch? It will. The SofaHanger is made to order and will be built to your sofa’s exact measurements. That means you can order a tray sized to hang on pretty much anything, including the sofa’s backrest, the bedroom door and even your desktop computer’s case.

The design is quite simple, so you can probably get some local company to shape a single metal sheet in the same way. Of course, there’s no guarantee it will hold as well as the SofaHanger does, but at the €99 price, it sounds like a good idea to look for a cheaper option first.

[Design Spray via Holy Cool]