Coffin Couch: Because A Coffin Is Too Small To Be A Functional Bed


Ever wanted a coffin as a home fixture but couldn’t find a way to make it useful?  While movie vampires have always employed one as a bed, it’s too cramped to warrant use by daywalking undeads like you and me.  Etsy seller VonErickson came up with a creative solution: deck the thing as a couch instead.

The Coffin Couch, as the furniture is called, allows you to indulge your vampire fascinations, all while remaining a functional piece for your living room.  It’s offers ample seating for at least a couple of people and can easily double as a makeshift bed for guests who aren’t too queasy about the idea of sleeping in a coffin.  Even more importantly, what better way to make visiting vampires feel accommodatingly welcome?

Designed as a usable home fixture, the Coffin Couch has been built from the ground up as a sofa, replete with afterlife aesthetics.  Sporting seats shaped exactly like a coffin, it throws in Dracula-inspired luxurious cushions and a fold-down lid that can shut the sofa close like a real dead man’s box.  The fabric is available in either purple, red or black, so you can choose whichever variant rounds out your vampiric fantasies.

If you have friends who like to wear fangs and dress up in vampire garb, nothing will make their lives more complete than to have this thing sitting in a quiet corner of the house.  Price varies depending on requested size and shipping considerations, though it starts out at roughly $3,500.  Nobody said the ever-living rolled cheap.

[Etsy via Boing Boing]