Cooler Tube Is An Insulated Beer Bag Disguised As A Yoga Tote


You like dropping a six pack in your bag, so you can be duly-equipped for a sip anytime you get the jonesing for beer. And while warm beer kinda sucks, you put up with it, since bringing a cooler along just makes it obvious that you’re preparing to booze out in inappropriate situations. The Mountainsmith Cooler Tube offers a cooler solution.

Styled to look like a bag for holding yoga mats, blueprints, or fishing equipment, the insulated cooler bag lets you carry a full half-dozen cans discreetly, all while keeping them chill to make every sip even more enjoyable. Whether you want to sneak booze inside the library, the gym, or just your own home (which, of course, you will keep in the stealthy toolbox mini-fridge), this thing should do the trick.


The Moutainsmith Cooler Tube is a long, tube-like bag that can hold up to six cans of 12-oz beer or four tall boys straight off the fridge, then keep them moderately chilled throughout the course of the day. It comes with PE foam insulation to lock all the cold in, with a PEVA waterproof seam-sealed lining, so you can dump some ice if your slowly-warming beer could use the extra help.   Two styles are available: one made from 150d baby ripstop polyester and another made from 19-oz hemp. Do note, this thing measures 28 inches long, so it can be quite awkward to carry in certain situations. It comes with an adjustable sling that you can throw over your shoulder or strap down on a backpack.


Available now, the Mountainsmith Cooler Tube is priced at $21.95 for the polyester version and $24.95 for the hemp.

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