This Tool Holds Down Your Side Of The Blanket, So The Spouse Never Hogs It Ever Again


Does your significant other end up hogging the blanket every night while sleeping? The simple solution: use separate blankets. But you’re human and humans are complicated, so you insist on sticking with a single blanket for whatever reason. If that’s the case, you might want to check out the Cover Clamp, a simple clip that can keep your side of the blanket intact the entire night.

There’s nothing complicated about it. You attach the included clamp to the side of your blanket, sheet, or duvet, then tuck the connected anchor underneath the mattress. With your weight on the bed, the anchor should stay in place the entire night, keeping the blanket from being pulled all the way to the other side.


The Cover Clamp uses a spring-loaded clip, ensuring a hold strong enough to resist up to 50 pounds of yanking force. If you’re worried about damaging your expensive duvet, don’t be, as it’s rubber coated and, according to the product page, safe to use even for the most delicate linens. Of course, having the clamp there means it’s going to be tricky to get out of the bed when you trek to the bathroom for a brief break at 1 AM, so they included a quick-release buckle for easily separating the clamp from the anchor. Just make sure to lock the buckle before you leave the bedside to ensure your side of the blanket doesn’t get stolen in your absence. It can clip onto anything up to two inches thick.

Available now, the Cover Clamp is priced at $19.99.

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