These Crinkled Glasses Look Like Throwaway Plastic Cups

It’s been 25 years since Rob Brandt introduced the crinkled plastic cup to the unsuspecting masses.  And the clever ceramic piece remains awesome after all this time.  We have a feeling it’s about to be upstaged, though, with these Crinkled Glasses.

Masquerading as a crumpled transparent plastic cup, the tableware is a perfectly functional drinking glass.  You know, for consuming water and soda without having to cup them in your hands.  Except it looks like a discarded plastic cup right out of the office picnic, giving your drinking vessel just a little more personality than usual.

Handcrafted in Spain, the Crinkled Glasses are made from recycled glass and measure 8 x 10 x 5 cm.  They can’t do anything better than regular drinking glasses (it definitely can’t do what the two-in-one Shot in the Pint does), but they sure as hell are bound to make serving water, juice and vodka cola to your afternoon guests a more interesting affair.

Since they’re made from real glass, they’re perfectly reusable unlike actual plastic cups and are safe to use on the dishwasher.  A set should make for a nice housewarming gift, although I do feel a sudden compulsion to clean out my cupboard, dump all my drinking glasses and replace them with these.

By the way, Dutch ceramic artist Rob Brandt is also behind these Crinkled Glasses, so you can think of it as a straight-up evolution of the 1975 original.  It’s available in sets of six from Theo Theo, priced at £29.50.

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