Disney Star Wars Droid Factory Holiday Figure R5-D33R Is The Astromech Reindeer Droid You Never Knew You Wanted

Do they celebrate Christmas in that galaxy far, far away? We don’t know. What we do know is, their version of Santa won’t be riding around a sleigh being dragged through the air by reindeers, since they have all sorts of advanced droids and fast vehicles that can deliver those toys more efficiently than a fat man with gray beard ever could. If you lived there, maybe your holiday gifts will even be delivered by this festive-looking Disney Star Wars Droid Factory Holiday Figure R5-D33R.

That’s right, Disney made a reindeer-themed astromech droid for this holiday season, continuing the honored tradition of making Star Wars fans spend their Christmas money on a character that’s not even on any of the multitude of shows in the franchise.  And while we wouldn’t normally indulge on a holiday cash grab, we have to admit, this reindeer-themed astromech droid just won our hearts over. Please, make them have a Christmas on Star Wars and have this thing on it.

The Disney Star Wars Droid Factory Holiday Figure R5-D33R looks like a standard R-series robot from Industrial Automatons, with its Artoo-like proportions, multi-paneled body, and three-legged mobility. What sets it apart, of course, is its reindeer-like antlers that should allow it to be a little more capable during fights than more traditional R-series creations. Those antlers are removable, by the way, in case you want it to look more like a simple utility droid to lull potential enemies. As for its backstory, it’s supposed to be a winter droid optimized for the sub-zero environment of Hoth, so you can park it right next to an AT-AT to give the big dog a little holiday spirit. Or something.

The Disney Star Wars Droid Factory Holiday Figure R5-D33R is available now, priced at $12.99.

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