Use Drumi To Clean Your Clothes By Repeatedly Stepping On A Pedal


There’s absolutely nothing fun about hand washing clothes. It’s tedious, tiring, annoying, and about a dozen other crappy adjectives. Problem is, there are situations where hand-washing is necessary, such as when you’re away from civilization or when dealing with more delicate garments (no, the Undercap doesn’t count as delicate). That’s when the Drumi will come in handy.

Made by Yurego, it’s a portable, manually-operated washing machine that measures 22 x 15 inches (height x diameter), with a large handle on top for carrying comfortably. Rather than plugging in to a wall outlet, it runs through the use of a foot pedal, which you repeatedly step on to get the wash cycle going.


The Drumi has a wash capacity of five liters, enough to let you clean a few shirts, shorts, and undergarments for use in your camping excursions. Granted, it might not be big nor powerful enough to clean up towels and jeans (of course, you’re welcome to try), but all other reasonably-sized garments in your laundry bin should be good to go. A single button press opens the release valve to drain away the water, turning it into a spin-dryer that wrings out your clothes as you keep pumping on the foot pedal.

Because of the size, it can be kept in a corner of the bathroom at home, as well as slipped into the trunk of a car during transport. Plus, you can use it as a mini-hamper, acting as a holding basket for delicates and smaller items of clothing.

No pricing is listed, but the Drumi is slated for an official launch in the summer.

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