Use These Sticky Page Markers To Create Entertaining Scenes While Indexing Pages On Your Books


Using sticky pads to mark sections of a book is a common trick when you want to make sure important sections are duly marked for later review. While these Sticky Page Markers do, pretty much, the same thing, they add novelty to the process by coming in the form of miniature objects that help you create entertaining scenes and landscapes.

Made by Duncan Shotton Design Studio, it’s a set of sticky pads created for the express purpose of serving as sticky bookmarks. With the upper, non-sticky section of the pad cast in the form of familiar objects and characters, you can use it to turn the tops or sides of any book into a scene straight out of an animated film.


Each set of Sticky Page Markers contains multiple stacks of tiny sticky pads, each one clad as an object, like a mountain, a building, or a rampaging Japanese monster. They are grouped by themes, such as Tokyo (contains 20-sheet stacks of seven popular buildings and Godzilla to destroy them all), New York (Statue of Liberty, various buildings, yellow cabs, and the Empire State Building with King Kong on top), and Mars (aliens, space rocks, and a space buggy). There are ten sets in all, each containing a total of 160 sheets each, so you can cover up an entire book with a single set, easy. You can also combine elements from various sets to create even more fascinating scenes, like Godzilla fighting with aliens on the streets of London or the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the Arctic Ocean surrounded by sharks. Or something like that.


Originally a Kickstarter project, the Sticky Page Markers are now available directly from the Duncan Shotton website. Price is £3.45 for each set.


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