Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks Puts Caffeine On Bite-Size Candies

What to do in a situation where you don’t wanna drink coffee, but need a huge buzz?  Take it in candy form with the Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks, a box of highly-caffeinated chocolate balls that should wake you up with the sting of someone plucking hair out of your nose.  Or maybe a double-shot of espresso.

Is that Ed Hardy, the douchey shirt brand?  Why, yes it is.  Not only will you rattle your brain into staying alert, you will support the proliferation of godawful fashion too, making it a double-victory of the highest order.  I mean, who else are you going to make fun of every time you hit the bar for a drink without these people?

Each box of Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks comes with 1.4 ounces of small, bite-sized chocolate candies.  Together, they deliver a total caffeine content of 600mg, allowing you to take a monstrous hit of uppers by simply emptying a box of chocolate treats in your mouth.

The treats are available in two flavors: one that tastes like regular chocolate (Chocolate Rocks) and another that tastes like coffee (Coffee Rocks).  Both carry the same lethal caffeine and cocoa (60%) content, so they should deliver the same Cornholio-like results.

We love the Thinkgeek slogan: “Order some today, get hooked tomorrow and love them forever.”  Pave the way for your coffee addiction with the Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks.  They’re available for $3.99 a box.