Keep The Emergency Nap Kit In The Office For Those Times You Need Comfortable Sleep


Keeping a pillow in a drawer at work is always a good idea when you regularly find yourself yearning for a nap during the course of the day. But what if you find yourself having to spend the night in the office, burning the midnight oil to make a very tight deadline? For those situations, you might want to reinforce that pillow with this Emergency Nap Kit.

Originally designed in Japan for people who get stranded inside the office during earthquakes (seriously), it does simple pillows one better by coming with a proper assembly for lying down, stretching your legs, and catching some genuinely comfortable slumber. That way, you can turn the floor (or a co-worker’s table) into a serviceable bunk, letting you get some rest without the discomfort of unnatural sleeping positions.


The Emergency Nap Kit consists of just two things: an inflatable mattress and a full-body sleep suit. When the tired eyes, drowsiness, and general lethargy gets unbearable, simply roll out the mattress on the floor and zip on the suit, then plop down to get some much-deserved respite. Everything is housed inside a compact box sized to fit inside most office drawers, cabinets, and shelves, so you can keep it on hand for those times that your body simply reaches its limits.


Aside from the office, the product page also recommends keeping one in the boot of the car. Not a bad idea, since you could definitely get the urge to park on the side of the road and just hit the bunk during one of those long drives, as well as those nights you drank a little more than your brain (and, possibly, liver) can actually handle.

Available now, the Emergency Nap Kit is priced at £29.99.

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