Spark SP1 Sleeping Bag Folds Down Into A Pint-Sized Bundle

A sleeping bag will either take a good chunk of space in your sleeping bag or add a big lump of bulk when strapped to any part of your gear. That’s just how it goes. And we live with it. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, with the incredibly minimalist Spark SP1.

Made by Sea to Summit, it’s a minimal-packing sleeping bag that can fold into an unusually compact bundle, making for the perfect companion to your Salomon S-Lab Minimal Jacket. Seriously, it looks about the size of an ice cream pint. It comes with an equally small compression bag, too, so everything’s neat and tidy when you take it out to your hikes and excursions.

To achieve the compact size, the Spark SP1 wasn’t built as the thickest and warmest sleeping bag ever, so it’s only restricted for use during spring, summer and autumn months. Don’t worry, you won’t freeze to death sliding under this while sleeping in the mountains — it comes with 850+ loft 90/10 goose down, ultra-dry down and 15D lining, giving it one of the best warmth to weight ratio among minimalist sleeping bags in the market. It’s cut as a close-fitting mummy bag, with a full hood, foot box, and a short zip, maximizing the fit while minimizing size on all fronts. It comes in two sizes, regular (fits people up to 6 feet) and long (for giants up to 6’7”).

The Sea to Summit Spark SP1 is available from Amazon, priced at $393.91.

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