Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag Lets You Sleep Sideways And More

Sleeping bags are awesome for making sleeping in otherwise uncomfortable places whole loads of acceptable.  Unless, that is, you can only sleep while lying on your side.  The Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag changes that, accommodating any sleeping position you’re likely to end up in.

Whether you like staring at the stars, burying your head in the pillow or looking at the tent walls while trying to sleep in camp, the sleeping bag takes a unique hourglass shape that will ably accommodate it.  They call it the Spoon Shape — wide in the shoulders, tapers along the hips, and wide in the knees, allowing plenty of room for even those who twist and turn in their sleep.

Aside from refusing to constrain your busy movements, the Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag brings a whole load of premium features that should help make it your camping bed of choice.  There’s PrimaLoft Synergy synthetic microfibers for insulation, which brings heat-retention similar to down sans the bulkiness, as well as the ability to retain heat even when wet.  It also gets a waterproof and breathable footbox, a tuckable Blanket Fold in the hood that can be wrapped around your neck for extra warmth, a pillow pocket, and a zippered watch pocket, so you can keep your alarm clock right on the bag.  It comes with a roll-top compression sack and a storage bag.

The Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag is available in two sizes, regular (72 x 58 inches) and long (78 x 62 inches).  Price is $229.95 and $239.95, respectively.

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