Fillit Pocket Adds A Storage Pouch On Your Laptop For All Your Peripherals


If you carry a laptop around, chances are, you bring along a good amount of accessories. Sure, they fit well enough on the various pouches on your bag, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can keep them right on the laptop itself? That’s exactly what you get to do with the Fillit Pocket.

A pocket that mounts on the lid of your laptop, it gives you a functional compartment to house all your peripherals, so you can just reach behind the screen to get to whatever accessory you need for a specific task. Whether you need a mouse for better navigation control, a hotspot router for internet access, or a hard drive for access to specific files, just reach around the monitor to get the tool you need, saving you from having to dig through your bags like you normally would.


The Fillit Pocket is made from an elastic fabric, enabling it to lay nearly flat when empty while expanding to accommodate your gear as needed. It can accommodate any item up to a size of 7 x 3.5 x 1 inches (height x width x thickness), so most peripherals short of keyboards and drawing tablets should fit in without any problem. The pocket only takes up about a little more than a third of the laptop’s width, too (depending on the size of your laptop, of course), so you should be able to mount a second one easily, in case you need additional pockets to hold all your peripherals. We don’t know about a third pocket, though, since it seems like that will be pushing it.

It can stick to any flat and seamless surface using a reusable micro-suction backing, so it will stick onto the lid of any laptop, regardless of what material it’s made from, provided it’s properly relieved of any lint or dust (when the backing gets dirty, you can just wash it before reusing). Yes, you can also use it on the back of tablets, in case you carry an iPad Pro or a Surface Pro, in place of a traditional laptop. You can even remove it from your computing device and stick it somewhere more convenient when you’re working, like a wall next to your desk or right on the table surface.


The Fillit Pocket can be mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing you to orient it exactly the way you need. You can, for instance, orient it vertically while carrying the laptop in hand to ensure its contents don’t fall off, then reorient it sideways when working, so you can keep the external drive on the pocket while easily connecting it to the USB slot even with a short cable. While designed for use with laptops, it can, of course, be used for other purposes. You can stick one to the headboard of your bed to keep your phone in, for instance, as well as on the back of the couch as a place to regularly keep your remote. Seriously, we have a feeling you can find plenty of uses for this, based on your own activities and tasks.


The Fillit Pocket is available now.

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