FireWire Flexible Skewers Streamlines Your Grilling Work

Skewers work pretty much the same way – you stick raw crap into the sticks, put it over a grill and wait.  There’s nothing creative about them.  Until the Firewire Flexibile Grilling Skewer came along, that is.

As the name implies, it does away with the rigid quality of regular skewers.  Instead, you can twist it like a line of cable, all while it holds on to your meat securely.  That way, you can grill a shrimp kebab in a circle, put it like a crown over your head and call yourself King.

Each Firewire Flexible Skewer uses a 15.5-inch long stick featuring a unique stainless steel construction (no rust) that  can bend into shape.  The sturdy material means you can use it like a regular straight skewer, lining it with your favorite meats in a single file.

More than a novelty item, however, the limber quality of the steel pin lets you streamline much of the grilling process.  If you have a smaller-size grill, for instance, you can bend the skewer to maximize the amount of food you can cook at the same time.  You can also bend the end of the stick, steering it away from the fire to easily pick it up without burning your hand (heat won’t travel along the stick, according to the retail page).

Even better, you can now marinate your food right on the skewer.  Simply twist it into a bunch and throw it into a small plastic bag with your preparations, eliminating the need to touch the food multiple times.  Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.

The Firewire Flexible Skewer is available in various packages from Amazon.
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