Fix Manufacturing Puts A Riding Multi-Tool On Your Belt Buckle


Whether you ride bicycles, skateboards, or snowboards, having a multi-tool around can do a whole lot to ensure your day runs smoothly. Problem is, multi-tools aren’t exactly convenient, adding both weight and bulge to your pocket that you’d probably rather not have during active days. Fix Manufacturing wants to change that with their Belt Buckle Multi-Tools.

The outfit is offering three different tool sets: Powder Pliers, Board Sword, and Wheelie Wrench. All three are designed to serve as a conventional buckles for securing your belt and holding up your pants, all while doubling as a detachable multi-tool that you can take out and deploy as needed.


Powder Pliers, as you might guess, is the snowboard tool, combining three screwdrivers (#3, #2, and slotted), two box wrenches (8mm and 10mm), a 4mm hex bit, and an edge file. For skaters, they have the Board Sword, which combines three wrenches (1/2-inch, 9/16-inch, and 3/8-inch), two screwdrivers (#2 and slotted), a round file, and a safety blade, while cyclists get the Wheelie Wrench, which combines numerous hex bits (from 2mm to 6mm), two Torx bits (T10 and T25), two screwdrivers (#2 and slotted), two box wrenches (8mm and 10mm), a 15mm open-ended wrench, a spoke wrench, and a tire lever. All three tools are designed to work with the outfit’s All-Time Belt, which has a band cut in durable webbing.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Fix Manufacturing Belt Buckle Multi-Tool. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $25.

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